Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Make it Rain Project: McDonald County, MO

The Make it Rain Project, a poetic effort to gather funds for public libraries in regions hit hard by this summer's drought, begins today!  At least five libraries will benefit. I'll post a Rain Dance poem and the funding total every day for each library until I reach or surpass my funding goal of $200 for that library. Please make a small donation and spread the word.

The first library to receive a Rain Dance is the McDonald County Library System, whose central library is in Pineville, MO.


Rain, come crack
the napes of fruit flies
and the backs of ticks.
Sog shoes. Suit gutters.
Come into the leaf by
way of the thick vein on
the underside. Go
where the road goes and
swell the node of
the two creeks with the river.
By load, by flail,
by shower, haul
yourself up and over.
Lay down a shine
on the topography. Be
wet. Be ample. From the corners,
suck your drops together.
Be vapor. Befall.
Love gravity. Cozy
up to the hairy surfaces
of dogs, rain,
make a drum sound.
Make nest shapes in paper.
Wet the census
like a whistle.

Donors will receive a chapbook containing all the rain dances -- PayPal, when you donate, should ask you for a shipping address, but if it doesn't, please email me at my gmail address, publiclycomplex, to let me know where I should send your book. (Email me there if you have questions, too.) I will seed the cloud with $50.00. Please help to bring it up to at least $200.

Donate to the McDonald County Library System!

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