Friday, January 20, 2012

City Change #4

Diane writes from Lakeville, CT, "During the hurricane in September and the early October snowfall, limbs and whole trees fell in yards, on roads and on houses. Silhouettes of tree lines changed and vistas opened up. In our yard the tulip tree, huge and old when we moved in 24 years ago, split in half, gracefully missing our house and the neighbors' cars. We had the rest taken down and hauled away. The neighbor in front, worried about future storms, cleared a 60-foot-long stand of Norway maples and underbrush that lined the road in front of his yard. Now when I step into the front yard in the early evening I see much more sky and sunset out to the west and the old stone wall, long hidden by those maples and underbrush, looks beautiful and leads to my driveway."