Sunday, September 16, 2012

Make it Rain for Taylor County: Day 6

Up to $120.00! $80.00 to go for the Taylor County Public Library.


Now I'm learning
to put my mouth
where the water is not.
What it is, a taste
of it at the spout
of a leaf-wrinkle like
an old lip. Rain
can't want me to lick
the ground only
because it can't want.
It can't be that I asked
the wrong question.
It must be the wrong
answer that I've been
giving for years,
or the wrong one to ask,
it might be too late
to ask when every surface
of need is holed like
a dream-skin for the ink
of rain, the time of asking.
Rain, please prove me wrong.

Help me send $200.00 to the Taylor County Public Library!

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