Friday, September 28, 2012

Make it Rain for Butler County, OH!

Our fifth and last library is the Oxford Lane Library in Oxford, OH (Butler County). If you haven't donated yet, and you can now, I and they would really appreciate it. If you can't donate right now or have donated already, please let people know about this last series of rain dances.


The woman from Ohio says
she loves the fall. Says it makes her
feel peaceful and alive at the same
time. Those of us feeling neither couldn't help
but smell your promise, rain, coming to knock
more smells out of her leaves and her air.
Say you will. Then do. It was night not day,
we were over here, not in Ohio, but don't
be led astray by fracas. Say you will
fall in love with impact, tiny drops of you clicking
teeth with lights the size of drops of you. Then do.

As before, I'll seed the cloud with $50.00. Please donate to bring it up to $200.00 for the Oxford Lane Library.

The total for the White Hall Township Library is $210.00 and the check will go out today.

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