Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Make it Rain for Greene County, IL!

Today we begin raising money for the White Hall Township Library in Greene County, IL. Please help us give them at least $200.00!


Rain, the first fed is the last faded.
Fall between us and the red planet.
Wash our walls. Think of the echoing
halls in the leaf. Think of the curved
hulls emptying, husks outed, covers
of books with no words between them.
Nothing to say to the next. Rain,
I'm at the place where your feet
would be, 39° 26′ 22″ N, 90° 23′ 57″ W.
I can't be measured from the air
but you can be incorporated.
You can flow down the channels
of information etched in the seed,
we can be the canals Schiaparelli thought
he saw, did see, got misread by,
you can be impossible and real.

As before, I'll seed the cloud with $50.00; please help me bring it up to $200.00.

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