Saturday, September 22, 2012

Make it Rain for Greene County: Day 5

Still at $160.00 -- please donate! Those $5s add up.


Rust turns to powder after
most of a summer hiding
its lamprey mouth.
You, rain, you can renew it.
We know the risk we run
in asking, gutter run, clump
where a page meets a page.
Gravity would take you
there. Rain, you don't live
anywhere. Kids run
away to meet you.
Hope is for roots you
have met. Drenched metal.
I look at the water along
the wall and think,
should get a barrel. 
I should waste nothing
of you. Rain, they'll drop
what they're doing and blow
out after you; they'll tire.
Tear a strip off us, rain.
We are supine. Spit in our eye.

$40.00 is all we need to be able to send $200.00 to the White Hall Township Library!

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