Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thank you for the INCREDIBLE DELUGE!

Since yesterday morning, when I posted the call and first rain dance for the Oxford Lane Library, I've been inundated (yes, yes, the pun is on purpose, it's just not funny) with donations in the loveliest possible way. Including my "seed" contributions, $465 came in yesterday!

Rather than fund one library twice as much as all the others, I'd like to divide that incredible amount between the Oxford Lane Library and a sixth library. I've written to one in Kansas and am waiting to hear back; I'll post an update soon. In the meantime, for all of you who donated (special thanks for whopping donations from John Brett and Robin Dahlberg), donated for a second time, and let people know about this project:


Thanks for the liquid.
The digging. The piercing
of crusts. Thanks for buying
it that there might be
a wet day, later, when
people are reading inside
the gray windows. Thanks
for thumbing open,
for retelling, for pealing
like a wet animal on a wet wire,
thanks for imagining or
remembering thirst, for
being the record,
for now, thanks for making
an offering to later. 

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