Friday, September 7, 2012

Make it Rain Project: Lawrence County, IN

Thanks once again to all who donated to the McDonald County Library System.

The next set of rain dances will be for the Bedford Public Library in Bedford, IN. If you weren't able to donate in the first round, consider donating now.


Rain me a hallway.
Make me an oaf, a roofer.
Drive me inside
like a nail. Galvanize
the lightning rods
of root hairs.

Appearance on the rail:
a row of lights slewed low
because of you, rain who
will be ruthless and
a result, wherever
you go -- each sand heart
droplet, each swig,
each wind, each year.


As before, I will seed the cloud with $50.00. Please help me bring the donations for the Bedford Public Library up to at least $200.

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