Monday, September 10, 2012

Make it Rain for Lawrence County, IN: Day 3

We've got $180.00 now for the Bedford Public Library -- just $20.00 to go!

Thanks to the Harriet blog for the mention and the link -- and to all others who've given the project a mention!


There's been some suggestion that the rain
in Providence comes from my failure to provide
the rain with enough place names. You want rain?
it says. Here you go! So here goes: rain, rain
on Bluespring Caverns and the Devil's Backbone
and the Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom Memorial.
Refill the pools at the hatchery.
                                                These suggestions
make rain sound a hick. Kind of foolish,
a knee-jerk reactor, but eager. Rain so dear,
I do not believe it of you.
I believe in the science of blame.
"Gus" Grissom was an astronaut, one
of the Mercury Seven. He flew in space twice.
His hair in the photo is high
and tight as the clouds. Rain, come
down off your horse.

$20.00 to go for the Bedford Public Library! Please donate if you can.

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