Monday, September 24, 2012

Make it Rain for Greene County: Day 7

$190.00 donated -- just $10.00 to go. Make a second donation of $5 and get a present! Or donate for the first time and be the one to bring the total up to $200.00 for the White Hall Township Library.


Someone should tell me
you're not listening
to me. That my nib's a dry seed.
A scorched hoof. I should bethink
myself of how little
we know and can do
in the meantime, time we
could spend trying to find
out, not to dampen.
Someone should take
a toll on me where I live,
see how I like it.
I might like it. You never know
about people, rain, or is it
that they never know
about you till you're brawling,
silver, down their collar?
Well, tell us. Inform us. Infuse us.

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