Thursday, September 27, 2012

Money for Greene County!

We've raised $210.00 for Greene County! Thanks so much to all who donated.

I wasn't super happy with yesterday's rain dance, poetically speaking, so I'm going to do one more for the White Hall Township Library. If anyone wants to top up the funds with another donation, that would of course be lovely. The check will go out tomorrow, when I'll also announce our final library.


Rain, bowl over all
the days I assured I knew
what would fetch you.
How what I thought was a cowl
looked like harness. More
or enough. I see through
you like stair-rails,
that is, perpendicularly.
Rain, take a notion. Form
enough acute angles, you'll be in
relation to everything,
lie flat on nothing. If I
can bring you I can fail
to bring you. If I contract,
still I may fail you.

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