Monday, August 27, 2012

Get ready to Make it Rain

I'm embarking on a new project to gather funds for public libraries in areas hit badly by this summer's drought. Over the next few months, I'll periodically (right now I'm thinking about every 10 days) post the name of a library or library system along with a "rain dance" poem. I'll start the pot a-boiling with $50 in each case, and hope that you will help me bring it up to at least $200 for each library.

I love public libraries. Everything about them is fantastic. Access to information! Access to services! Literacy classes! Computer classes! Pleasure reading! Shared, purposeful public space! Freedom to browse and explore! Skilled and helpful guides along your quest! Free cultural events for adults and kids! Free books and movies! I could go on for days. As a resident of Providence, RI, I know only too well that when a community's finances are strained, public services like libraries are often among the sufferers, and I want to offset that just a little bit if I can.

Things I have yet to do include:

- Get in touch with more library directors to make sure they can accept the money.
-  Install a PayPal button on this blog so that you can make donations easily.
-  Write the actual poems, of course.

So this is just a heads-up. Look for the first poem, and the first library, soon! Please feel free to email me with questions or suggestions, too, at my gmail address, publiclycomplex. 

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