Sunday, June 2, 2013


Have you been reading/looking at iArtistas? Well, you could start!

Specifically, for the purposes of this discussion, you could start by reading or listening to my poem "The Field Museum."


James and I went to Taiwan! Things that are great about Taiwan: James's extended family, potted plants on the sidewalk and on people's balconies, mountain trails, the MRT (subway) in Taipei, foods on sticks, parks with public exercise equipment, the high speed rail from Taipei to Kaohsiung, designated safe waiting areas for women in the subway at night, foods not on sticks, CLEAN public bathrooms, scooters outnumbering cars (at least in the cities we visited), low levels of dudes being jerks to other dudes for not being dudely "enough" (at least in public), high levels of baby cheek volume (insufficient data on how this compares to baby cheeks of other nations -- anyone want to fund an exhaustive study? I admit that I know an American baby that could boost our national average). Loved Taiwan, hope to go back one day.

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