Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Stand With Texas (Even If You Don't Live in Texas)

Donate to the Lilith Fund or Texas Equal Access Fund (or both!) to help low-income women pay for abortions they want.

Jane’s Due Process counsels teenagers with questions about abortion services in Texas, connecting them when necessary to pro bono legal counsel who can represent them if they opt to seek a judicial bypass waiver to get around the parental notification requirements for minors getting abortion in Texas. They also monitor policy and help make sure that bad cases at the lower court levels don’t become bad precedent at the state Supreme Court level.

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast does all the things that so many of us have so many reasons to be grateful to Planned Parenthood for doing.  Their Action Fund supports more direct political engagement.

Blogger Nonsequiteuse from Houston gathered these and other resources to support reproductive justice in Texas. If you'd rather donate to an abortion fund in your own state, the National Network of Abortion Funds lists them by state (you need to type in your zip code).


NOTE: Of the six(?) people who look at this blog from time to time, there may be those among you who object to abortion. These links are for the other four(?) of you.

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