Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Money for the Oxford Lane and Horton Public Libraries! and the future of Make it Rain

I'm delighted to report that I've heard back from the Horton Public Library in Horton, KS (Brown County), and that they'll accept half of the money that came in during this last rain dance. Thanks to you, we'll be able to send them $237.50, as well as sending the same amount to the Oxford Lane Library in Oxford, OH (Butler County). Those checks will go out tomorrow.

I was going to end this project at five libraries. Then two things happened: you all came through like champs and enabled me to give to a sixth, and a Champ Extraordinaire with the initials Darcie Dennigan got the project included in the Brown alumni news list, which goes out next week.

Here's what I propose: after one more message revealing more or less what I've said here, the emails to donors and potential donors will stop. If the news list generates any interest, I'll look for additional libraries to give to, based on whatever funds come in; check back in a week or so to learn more about that.

If you've been following the project and didn't manage to donate this time and/or are feeling the itch to give, I strongly encourage you to donate to your own local library.

Further bulletins as events warrant! Double-donors and triple-donors will get a scarf-related email from me shortly. Thanks again, a thousand times, to all who donated and/or spread the word.

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