Monday, October 8, 2012

Make it Rain Project Funding Roundup and Note to New Readers

The Make it Rain Project, a poetic effort to raise at least $200.00 each for five libraries in drought-stricken regions of the U.S., raised the following amounts for those libraries between September 5th and now:

For the McDonald County Library System in Pineville, MO: $215.00
For the Bedford Public Library in Bedford, IN: $235.00
For the Taylor County Public Library in Campbellsville, KY: $205.00
For the White Hall Township Public Library in White Hall, IL: $210.00
For the Oxford Lane Library in Oxford, OH: $237.50

People gave so much for the Oxford Lane Library that we were able to fund one more!

For the Horton Public Library in Horton, KS: $237.50

All of those checks have gone out at this point. If anyone is interested in learning how I chose the libraries, you can read about that here. If anyone from these libraries is still reading: thank YOU for the work you do.

I'm considering re-opening donations in case new readers want to help struggling libraries as well. People who've already participated in this project, no matter how, should feel free to sit this one out! If there is interest, I will  approach another round of libraries do another round of "rain dance" poems as well. Interested readers should comment on this post; email me at my gmail address, publiclycomplex; or click the Donation button on an earlier post.

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