Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Soft Place is available at SPD!

For those of you who prefer to order from SPD, or would like to teach The Soft Place, it's up for sale there now! Follow this link or click on the cover at right. (If you'd like to review it, let me know.)

This has been a busy week, fun in some ways (trip to Chicago with CAKE for James and a reading for me) and infuriating in others (we're trying to buy a house and are at the infuriating stage). Last night I sat on the couch and held my box of books in my arms for a few minutes. It helped. I'm proud of this work, delighted by the book, and honored to be in the Horse Less Press flotilla.

Here's a piece of the book's first section, "The Beginnings of Generosity":

The smell of taking care
dwells in the starred sections,
hangs over the very most giving
territories in the hotly disputed map.
Disembark there to find a crystal region
dotted with abandoned prostheses,
empty bottles, misinformed genitals.
Reflections of beings of pure light
circulate landing oddly and cyclically like
the reflections of hazard lights,
emergencies, alarms, arrests. Because there are
no bodies, there are no lines.

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