Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of JuPie

James and I have a 4th of JuPie party every year to celebrate the freedom to eat delicious pie. Here are some hot items from this year's event.

Party duration: about 5 hours

Number of babies: 2

What I made: a veggie pot pie with a biscuit topping and a straight-up peach pie with a top crust

First pie to disappear entirely: spinach and mushroom quiche (Annie Schapira)

Other pielights: the best key lime pie I have ever tasted (Holly Sedlock); veggie samosas (Michael Turner and Jason whose last name I can't remember -- sorry, Jason, if you see this. Your samosas were good); banana coconut cream (no idea, but well done, that person); spicy cornbread (Jenna Legault); sweet potato/cheese/fennel pie-lets (Rachel Schapira)

Pies I maxed out before trying: cherry pie; fennel pie; Cliff of Pink Gelatin pie; peach custard pie; apricot almond pie with apricots from the neighbor's tree (some of these had leftovers, so I get another chance)

Roof time: yes

Fireworks after: yes, standing on Wickenden Street looking through the gap in the buildings

Number of bags of recyclables: 2

Number of dishes left at our house: 5

Number of pairs of sunglasses left at our house: 2

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  1. i love this summary of the 4th of jupie. i hope to make it next year and if i do , i plan to pace myself so i can taste all of the pies.