Friday, December 16, 2011

Reviews and interviews

In keeping with this site's role as an amplifier for my own horn, which I enjoy tooting, I've added a sidebar of links to reviews and interviews with me on either end of the equation. So there are reviews of TOWN at Alice Blue Reviews and Gently Read Literature, and also my review of Pierre-Albert Jourdan's The Straw Sandals, edited, introduced and translated by John Taylor; Kate Colby's interview with me at Word for/Word, and Deborah Poe's and my interview/conversation with Bernadette Mayer at the Denver Quarterly when the issue becomes available as a PDF.

More about me me me, sure, but I think this also highlights how essential the not-me is to the me: I love listening to and talking with (as well as reading) other poets, and my work is better for it.

Also, thanks, SPD-ers, for putting How We Saved the City on your "SPD Recommends" list!

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